March 1, 2019
1385 E Carol St, Meridian, ID
December 27, 2018


Silver Line Enterprises diamond in the rough

2211 S Janeen St

This property was one of my favorites due to the layout and location. Some would think it was too close to the freeway others, like ourselves, would say it was just the perfect distance from the freeway. Backing up to the freeway, we had some challenges.

However, we also had some advantages with regards to the way the garage was built, with two axes access points into the garage. That turned out to be about three thousand square feet. You would never know it from the road. It turned out to be a man cave Paradise.

We appealed to the lady of the house by decking out the kitchen with high-end appliances, and a galley-style cabinet layout. We replaced all the windows, put a new roof on the house as well. New paint in inside and out. We pretty much renovated the house top to bottom, except for the drywall.

We added a bathroom and a bedroom. We really took advantage of the space that we were given. This one turned out amazing for us, and the neighborhood was very happy when we finished this project under the expected timeline.

This property was surrounded by local businesses and attractions. One of the more enjoyable attractions locally was that the house is within walking distance from a few of our favorite watering holes.